The ultimate in web page design freedom!
This is not another Content Management System written in PHP!

The aim of this project is to provide freedom! The web Developer is free to design webpages and data using any medium that can be converted to XHTML, XML, WAP, etc.

What phpWebEngine does is provide is a simple interface to seperate logic from data from presentation. This tool helps the website developer create a maintainable and easily modifiable website with very little effort.
The fact that you are seeing this page right now is living proof that phpWebEngine works.

This webpage is created using a powerful template engine, capable of parsing XHTML and XML documents. This engine is still be developed and so is phpWebEngine. This site will continue to be a test bed for phpWebEngine. Currently all links are broken because I am developing an automated link replacement engine. More details will follow in the days to come.

Soon you will be able to read about every detail of this powerful web site generation tool!